How to Make the Research Objectives

How to Make the Research Objectives

It could be summarized from the discussion that research objectives should be inclined with SMART concept and resource accessibility, consistency with research topic and research problem are some of the important aspects that should be considered by a researcher to give a direction for his/her research.

The determination of research objective is a difficult to manage task for a student after the selection of appropriate research topic in his/her interest area. The research objectives help to determine the direction of the research study and also ensure that the research is exploring something new and specific to the research topic. Most of the students face difficulty in determining the research objectives in an effective manner, so that they could increase the reliability and validity of their dissertation work. After the selection of appropriate research topic, it is essential for the researchers to determine the objectives of their study, which they are thinking to be achieved and explored through their research study.

The research objectives should be formulated in a manner that they help in determining that the research study will explore something new or will add more insights in the existing theories. The research objectives should be formed in SMART manner, which determines the significance of a research study. The SMART objectives mean specific, measurable, agreed, realistic, and time bound.

The SMART objective would ensure the significance of research as it will increase the research reliability and validity. It is because the SMART components of the research increase the significance of research study. As per the SMART pattern, the research objective should be specific, which should state what exactly you are going to achieve. The inclusion of measurable component depicts that objective should be determined in a way that it could be measured in qualitative or quantitative manner.

The research objective should also be in an agreed manner as it should include the acceptance of researcher as well as reviewer. It would increase the significance of the research study to attract the users. At the same time, a researcher should form the challenging objectives, but similarly, they should be achievable by him or her. It would also be effective to make the research objectives more clear and to increase the understanding of target users about the research study. The last element that should be considered while formulating the research objective is its virtue of being time bound. The objectives should be formulated with the clear end date and specific time limit, which would make the research study more significant for the users.

Along with the SMART concept, there are several aspects that should be considered by the students while formulating the research objectives for their study. The first aspect that should be considered is the ability of student to achieve that objective. It is because if the student is not able to achieve the prescribed objectives, then it will be his/her failure to accomplish the research objectives. The objectives should also be consistent with the research problem or research topic as it is a common mistake that is done by the students in their studies.

The consistency with the research problem will be effective for the researchers to move their efforts in right direction and to increase the research accuracy and usability. Resource accessibility is another aspect that should be considered in objective making as it will help to determine the availability of data that is required for the accomplishment of dissertation in a most significant manner.

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